Image Nation Abu Dhabi and Israel Film Fund team up to support UAE and Israeli filmmakers


Image Nation Abu Dhabi and Israel Film Fund team up to support UAE and Israeli filmmakers

23 Mar 2021

Image Nation Abu Dhabi and the Israel Film Fund (IFF) have teamed up to host a series of webinars to support filmmakers in the UAE and Israel.

Called Film Exchange: Abu Dhabi – Israel, the webinars will focus on critical areas within production, talent development and filming in both Abu Dhabi and Israel as a way of encouraging collaboration and co-production between Image Nation and the IFF.

The first session on Wednesday will feature industry experts from Abu Dhabi Film Commission, IFF, the Israeli Academy of Film and Television and renowned film directors.

Topics covered will include aspects of film funding, such as tax rebates and film funds available in Abu Dhabi and Israel, and opportunities for filmmakers in both places.

Mohamed Al Khaja, the UAE Ambassador to Israel, and Eitan Na’eh, head of mission at the Embassy of Israel in Abu Dhabi, will also speak.

“Through collaboration on content creation, we will deepen the ties between the two countries to the benefit of the media industry in the entire region,” said Michael Garin, chief executive of Image Nation.

Lisa Shiloach-Uzrad, executive director of the IFF, said: "We believe there is much that unites our two nations and are proud and happy to be the stepping stone for cultural collaboration that will bring us closer together while creating innovative and fascinating films, which is what we're all about."

In 2020, an agreement was announced between Abu Dhabi Film Commission, the IFF and the Spiegel Film & Television School in Jerusalem. The partnership will herald UAE-Israel film and TV co-productions and collaborations, as well as a new annual film festival held alternately between the capital and Israel, officials said.

Besides industry experts, filmmakers speaking at the first Film Exchange webinar include Emirati directors Abdulla AlKaabi and Ali F Mostafa, as well as Israeli director Eran Riklis. Audiences will also have the chance to interact with speakers.

Source: The National