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Programme Overview

Our Ventures Fund supports the growth of startups in Abu Dhabi by increasing access to capital.

The fund is increasing the available pool of capital for Abu Dhabi startups in four complementary ways:

  1. Direct Investments – for innovative startups based in or looking to relocate or expand into the emirate, you can apply directly to ADIO for investment. The fund has the ability to act as a lead or follow on investor depending on the case. We only invest in companies that have institutional investors participating in the financing round.
  2. New fund managers - if you are establishing a new fund in Abu Dhabi, ADIO will invest in your fund on matching basis as a limited partner. We require that you are able to raise third party funds from private institutions and have an established track record of venture capital investing.
  3. Investment in global funds – ADIO invests as a limited partner in established global funds that are looking to setup a presence in Abu Dhabi with a geographic portfolio focus in the MENA region.
  4. Partnerships with accelerators – ADIO collaborates with and invests in global accelerators that are focused on helping innovative startups.

Application Process

One streamlined application process covers all applicable programmes, so we can move as fast as the founders we invest with.

ADIO Program Ventures Fund Application Process

We offer a bespoke service that is unique to each company, so there is no 'one-size-fits-all' approach to the incentives offered nor a standard timeline as this is dependent on the readiness and technical complexity of the applicant.

We are the central government hub for private sector investment in Abu Dhabi, and a partner to companies of every stage and size. Unlike a typical investor, ADIO is not returns-focused and instead looks to support companies pursuing true innovation.

We do not operate via a prescriptive ticket size. Instead, we look to partner with companies at every stage, from seed to late stage, to support them on their innovation journey and help ensure their growth in Abu Dhabi.

ADIO wants companies to win and succeed in Abu Dhabi, and we offer an exceptional range of programmes to make that happen. We typically look for representatives from the C-Suite and the technology/technical team to be based in the company's Abu Dhabi operations. More broadly, the company and its team must be a good fit for the ecosystem to ensure their success and longevity beyond the initial launch phase.


As a unique global hub, Abu Dhabi plays host to a wide variety of industries 


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