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  • Sector Overview
  • Programme Overview
  • Eligibility
  • Application Process

Sector Overview

With year-round sunshine, Abu Dhabi is a uniquely attractive location for AgTech companies specialising in desert climates. The Middle East and North Africa is home to the world’s fastest-growing population, and AgTech companies stand to be able to plug themselves into the regional agriculture markets that are continuing to grow in competitiveness against food imported into the region.

The Abu Dhabi Government has identified AgTech as a high-growth, critical sector. To support the growth of the sector, as part of the Abu Dhabi Government’s Ghadan 21 accelerator programme, ADIO has developed a generous three-year incentive package for AgTech companies developing solutions in desert agriculture. Three subsectors have been identified as high potential for companies operating in Abu Dhabi:

  1. Indoor farming technology: With its history of water conversation and advanced desalination projects, Abu Dhabi is versed in the needs of indoor farming. Building the best indoor farming technologies aligns with Abu Dhabi’s drive for water conversation. This approach to combating water scarcity coupled with the emirate’s leading infrastructure means that Abu Dhabi is one of the world’s leading destinations for indoor farming technology.

  2. Precision agriculture and ag-robotics: Abu Dhabi is an ideal place for companies pursuing precision agriculture and ag-robotics due to a growing demand for agriculture technologies. This will help local farmers to minimise resource utilisation and wastage of critical resources including water, energy and land.

  3. Algae-based biofuels: Finding alternatives to carbon fuels, such as sustainable fuels that come from algae. Abu Dhabi’s year-round sunshine and access to rich marine environments make the emirate an ideal place to farm algae fuel alternatives.

Programme Overview

Companies operating in Abu Dhabi’s AgTech sector can benefit from the city’s expansive knowledge-based ecosystem and connections to virtually all corners of the world.

We are working to ensure the success of AgTech companies in the emirate by providing generous cash and non-cash incentive packages with innovation at the core.

The AED 1 Billion ($272 Million) fund, backed by the Abu Dhabi Government’s Ghadan 21 programme, has been tailored to support AgTech innovation. Incentives are available for Abu Dhabi based AgTech companies to aid growth and also, international companies to accelerate their establishment in Abu Dhabi.

Incentive packages will be prioritised for companies developing solutions in one or more of the high-growth subsectors:

  1. Indoor farming technology
  2. Precision agriculture and ag-robotics
  3. Algae-based biofuels


Registered AgTech companies from across the world that meet the below criteria are welcome to apply.

Eligibility criteria:

  1. The company has or will establish a physical presence in Abu Dhabi, including a material number of full-time engineers or scientists
  2. The company has comprehensive research and development capabilities and/or plans 

The Application Process

  1. Submit your interest  
  2. Introductory call 
  3. Submit a detailed project business case including financial forecasts and technical plan
  4. Undergo technical review 
  5. Submit documents for financial due diligence
  6. If approved, receive an incentive package proposal
  7. Sign a definitive agreement with ADIO
  8. Establish your Abu Dhabi operations and begin receiving incentives


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