60 seconds with Elie Habib Co-Founder Anghami


60 seconds with Elie Habib Co-Founder Anghami

60 seconds with…
Elie Habib, Co-Founder, Anghami

We find out from Elie what he’s listening to, what makes Anghami’s offering unique and his plans for Anghami in Abu Dhabi and beyond.

1. What’s your favourite song of all time and why?  

   “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” – that’s what I learnt in my 8 years at Anghami.

2. How did 2020 affect people’s listening habits in the region?

To our positive surprise, 65% of our total streams in 2020 were from happy songs. People wanted to change their mood and music was their best tool to achieve this. In terms of genre, dance and workout were the most dominant reflecting people’s drive to stay positive and in-shape during lockdowns.

3. What sets Anghami apart as a streaming service?

We pride ourselves with the brand love that Anghami has from both users and artistes. After all, we were the first true streaming service of the region.

Users love Anghami because we speak their music language, understand the fusion between Arabic and international music tastes, and as a product, we keep evolving by adding a unique social layer.

Artistes love Anghami for the strong support and global reach we provide.

4. What’s next for Anghami in Abu Dhabi? 

We are very excited to be expanding and relocating our engineering offices to Abu Dhabi.

5. Why Abu Dhabi?

Anghami is on a fast scale up path as a tech player in the region. We saw in Abu Dhabi a magnet that can help us attract talent, capital and establish a research & development centre to innovate within an ecosystem that has like-minded people. The tech infrastructure, availability of prime educational institutions and proximity to global markets like Europe, Africa and India make it the perfect spot for a company like us to grow.

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