ADIO info-webinar to highlight opportunities from enhanced Musataha agreement


ADIO info-webinar to highlight opportunities from enhanced Musataha agreement

14 Sep 2020

The Abu Dhabi Investment Office (ADIO) is hosting a free info-webinar to highlight key updates to the enhanced Musataha agreement and help investors unlock long-term opportunities in Abu Dhabi. 

Musataha rights, which can be applied to land use in any economic sector, enable the private sector to develop land owned by government departments and agencies and benefit from the projects that are developed. ADIO announced in June this year that it had finalised enhancements to the Musataha agreement to maximise the benefits for both the private and public sectors.

The live “Enhanced Musataha Agreement Information Webinar” will be held on 23 September 2020, Wednesday, at 11am (UAE time) and is open to those interested in finding out more about how to unlock the potential of public land in Abu Dhabi. Lawyers and advisors may find this session useful as a primer on how to engage with their clients on the topic. The webinar will feature ADIO’s Mohamed Al Dhaheri, Head of Infrastructure Partnerships; Jamie Levy, General Counsel; and Ali Abdulmajeed Bayaseen, Legal Counsel. Registered participants will gain insights into the enhancements and benefits of the new form Musataha agreement and learn how to make the most of the new structure for development of projects in Abu Dhabi. 

Levy said: “The Musataha agreement gives investors and developers the rights they expect to benefit from when developing and managing projects in the long-term in Abu Dhabi. ADIO has recently finalised enhancements to the form of Musataha agreement applicable to government land to maximise benefits for all parties. We’re excited to share how these enhancements will provide greater access to opportunities and a strong contractual basis for the execution and delivery of successful projects between the private and public sectors.”

Interested parties, including private sector entities, lawyers, media and government stakeholders, can register for the webinar here.