DoH launches new digital platform ‘Abu Dhabi Health Workforce Management System’ to fight COVID-19 ’


DoH launches new digital platform ‘Abu Dhabi Health Workforce Management System’ to fight COVID-19 ’

05 Apr 2020

The Department of Health – Abu Dhabi, DoH, the regulator of the healthcare sector in the emirate, today launched a new digital platform that allows clinical staff from across the UAE to volunteer their support or apply to work in the emirate’s healthcare sector.

Volunteers can register online through the portal, called the Abu Dhabi Health Workforce Management System, and highlight their key skills to provide support to the sector’s facilities in the emirate.

Healthcare facilities in the emirate will be able to log onto the portal, review the profiles of registered staff, and communicate with them directly. Using the platform, the facilities will be able to assign the correct roles to volunteers, based on their skills and preferred conditions for employment. The DoH called on all healthcare providers and staff who are able to offer their support to register for free using the portal, as well as to volunteer or work, full time or part time.

The DoH has identified a number of categories through which volunteers can register their support through the online portal. These categories include full- or part-time workers in a clinic or hospital in the region who are willing to work additional hours, those who hold an eligibility letter or have previously passed DoH’s healthcare exam, clinical experts who have completed the procedures of dataflow, or have obtained a medical licence from the Dubai Health Authority or the Ministry of Health and Prevention, retired healthcare workers who wish to return to medicine, volunteers who are licenced to work in the healthcare sector, and volunteers who wish to obtain a licence to practice medicine in Abu Dhabi.

"In line with the vision of DoH to continue working towards ensuring the delivery of comprehensive, continuous and timely healthcare services to locals and residents in Abu Dhabi, we have established the volunteer platform that provides an opportunity for healthcare staff who are willing to supplement these efforts by volunteering their time and expertise," said Dr. Jamal Al Kaabi, Acting Under-Secretary of DoH.

"We look forward to providing the public with all the necessary support, as part of our precautionary plans to ensure that the local sector remains fully committed to respond to the spread of COVID-19," he added.

DoH calls on those who wish to register to use the link:

Source: WAM