Mubadala Invests AED70 Billion in 2018 Across Key Sectors


Mubadala Invests AED70 Billion in 2018 Across Key Sectors

29 Jul 2019

Abu Dhabi's Mubadala Investment Company today released its full-year 2018 annual review showcasing operational performance and significant scale across sectors with strong growth potential.

Despite global macroeconomic turbulence in the fourth quarter of the year, the group delivered stable financial results, with total comprehensive income at AED12.5 billion.

In line with Mubadala’s strategy to diversify its investment base, it monetised a number of its mature assets for a total of AED55.4 billion, and it invested a total of AED70.1 billion of additional and recycled capital across the Group’s existing investment sectors including technology, aerospace, commodities and financial services, as well as new sectors, including medtech, pharma and agribusiness.

Commenting on the results, Group Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Khaldoon Khalifa Al Mubarak, said, "Mubadala is operating as a global investor to drive financial returns and strategic value for Abu Dhabi, towards a vision of an internationally-connected and future-focused economic base. The addition of the Abu Dhabi Investment Council was a transformational step, strengthening our position as an international investor across different sectors."

"Technological disruption is creating the potential for value across all sectors, which is an opportunity for us to deepen our position as a major global investor. We are also activating our investments and relationships to establish Abu Dhabi as the technology hub for the MENA region," he added.

Al Mubarak went on to say, "Our talent, capital structure, global partnerships and strong track record are enabling us to deliver on our mandate as an organisation entrusted with supporting Abu Dhabi’s economic progression."

Chief Financial Officer, Carlos Obeid, said, "The group's scale, diversification and stable cash flows delivered solid financial and operational performance in 2018, despite a year of challenging market conditions with volatile equities and uncertain yields.

"The addition of ADIC has diversified our exposure and strengthened our portfolio. While investing in new asset classes we remain focused on robust balance sheet management, maintaining a low leverage position and managing risk across the business."

The company continued to deploy capital worldwide, including the launch of co-investment with Taneo, Greece's New Economy Development Fund. New offices opened in Moscow and San Francisco, adding to the existing network of offices spanning Rio De Janeiro, and a joint venture office in Hong Kong. In early 2019, Mubadala also opened an office in New York City.