New Year’s resolutions from Abu Dhabi’s startup ecosystem


New Year’s resolutions from Abu Dhabi’s startup ecosystem

Abu Dhabi is an ideal destination for ambitious entrepreneurs and startups to pursue big ideas. Already one of the best places in the world to do business, the emirate continues to support innovation-driven companies as they develop cutting-edge technology and solutions.

As we look ahead to 2021, we asked startup founders about their New Year’s resolutions and how they will achieve their goals in Abu Dhabi.

“The 2021 Abu Dhabi version of the Sarwa team is even more adaptable and more growth-minded than ever. We will take 2021 by the horn and find even more creative ways to expand. One way to do so is to have more partnerships within the ecosystem in Abu Dhabi to reach an even wider audience while supporting each other.”
- Sarwa Co-Founders
Nadine Mezher, Co-Founder and CMO
Mark Chahwan, Co-Founder and CEO
Jad Sayegh, Co-founder and CTO

“Start contributing to the global knowledge base of Controlled Environment Agriculture. We will begin testing new and exciting crop varieties, bringing more selection and flavour to the UAE, all while ensuring our environmental impact is lower than any other form of growing vegetables. Exploring novel building materials and design means we can reduce our energy and water consumption even further, and investing in the latest high efficiency LED lighting from global leaders means our produce is always at its best, year-round.”
- Abdulaziz AlMulla, Founder and CEO, Madar Farms

“Okadoc's resolution for 2021 is to create safer and happier communities by improving the Healthcare experience for all, with our growth fuelled by the partnerships within Abu Dhabi's startup-friendly ecosystem.”
- Fodhil Benturquia, Founder and CEO, Okadoc

“With the pandemic hopefully under control, my 2021 resolution is to continue to scale AeroFarms around the world, and in particular unveil our new leading state-of-the-art R&D indoor vertical farm in Abu Dhabi to continue to drive breakthroughs in agriculture and help transform the region into the nexus for AgTech innovation.”
- David Rosenberg, CEO, AeroFarms

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