Pharmacies to deliver medicines straight to homes in Abu Dhabi


Pharmacies to deliver medicines straight to homes in Abu Dhabi

16 Mar 2020

The Department of Health (DoH) on Monday announced that pharmacies will soon be able to deliver medicines straight to residents’ doorsteps.

The DoH in Abu Dhabi – the regulatory body for the health sector in the emirate – issued a new standard of delivery services for patients, which stated that all pharmacies will have to initially obtain the necessary license to meet the new requirements of home deliveries.

According to the new guidelines, pharmacies will have to adhere to the storage of drugs and ensure that the medicines delivered to patients are packaged and sealed properly. The patient’s information will also have to remain confidential, it said.

In order for patients to avail of the new service, residents will be required to provide the pharmacy with an original medical prescription, either digital or a hard copy, as well as verification documents of the patient or the recipient of the medicine.

"Home-delivery services are becoming increasingly more commonplace and the DoH has adopted this concept in the field of pharmaceuticals to continue ensuring the delivery of comprehensive and timely healthcare services to citizens and residents in Abu Dhabi."

The DoH assured that it has issued a clear set of guidelines and requirements to ensure the efficiency of all pharmacies that intend to delivering medicines. This will be achieved through monitoring and auditing pharmacies to ensure that health and safety procedures are implemented.

"The DoH will regularly review the performance of the new standard, remaining committed to enhancing its outcomes and ensuring its efficiency and benefits to all patients," it added. 

Pharmacists who want to participate in the new scheme should contact the Healthcare Licensing Department via email on 


Source: Gulf News