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Abu Dhabi has a long history of collaboration between the public and private sectors. These partnerships have been a key factor in the emirate’s remarkable growth since the 1950s, making Abu Dhabi a global destination for investment and business. This commitment to fostering collaboration with the private sector continues today through the emirate’s public-private partnership initiative. 
In 2019, Abu Dhabi enacted a new law (Law No. 2 of 2019) designed to encourage private sector involvement and investment in major infrastructure projects in the emirate and the delivery of services through a public-private partnership framework. 
ADIO is the central authority responsible for the implementation of public-private partnerships in Abu Dhabi, in line with our mandate to support private sector investment in the emirate.

Abu Dhabi’s public-private partnership model:

  • Supports the growth of the private sector by increasing domestic and foreign private sector investment in infrastructure projects and the delivery of public services 
  • Enhances financial sustainability and flexibility by spreading infrastructure investment costs over the life of the asset
  • Facilitates better execution and service delivery by encouraging private sector efficiencies and innovation in the implementation and operation of major infrastructure projects
As part of our commitment to supporting both the public and private sectors, we have issued the new Public-Private Partnership Regulations that solidify Abu Dhabi’s infrastructure partnership model. 
In addition, we have published the Partnerships Projects Guidebook that provides a comprehensive and practical overview of the legislative and operational processes for the development of partnership projects in Abu Dhabi. The guidebook provides investors with a single trusted source of information when assessing, planning, developing and operating infrastructure projects.

To find out more about how entities can deliver infrastructure assets in a transparent and efficient way, please download the Partnerships Project Guidebook here.”

Our Role

The Infrastructure Partnerships team works with government procuring entities and the private sector to:

  • Develop supportive and transparent policy
    • Providing advice on and developing policies, procedures, regulations and programmes related to infrastructure development 
    • Ensuring uniformity and consistency of standards and quality
  • Facilitate project execution
    • Assisting with the identification and screening of infrastructure projects
    • Working with government procuring entities in the development, procurement, evaluation and approval of infrastructure projects
    • Supporting the marketing and promotion of infrastructure projects
    • Providing a single point of contact for investors 
    • Supporting the implementation and monitoring of infrastructure projects
    • Promoting the use of best practice
  • Knowledge sharing
    • Facilitating knowledge transfer, training and the development of resource material
      Providing technical assistance to government procuring entities

Our Objectives

Our objective is to facilitate the successful delivery of major infrastructure projects and public services consistent with Abu Dhabi’s economic vision. We aim to:

  • Increase private sector investment by promoting consistency and certainty in the procurement process
  • Enhance accountability for government expenditure through the development and adherence to transparent processes 
  • Encourage innovation and efficiencies by leveraging global best practice 
  • Continuously improve the way infrastructure and major projects are delivered through learning and knowledge sharing



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