The Abu Dhabi Investment Office (ADIO) is working to accelerate the advanced agricultural technology (AgTech) ecosystem in Abu Dhabi and become a global leader in desert agriculture.

To support this, ADIO has introduced a three-year program with up to AED 1 billion (US$270m) in incentives for innovators within select agricultural technology sub-sectors to expand their knowledge-focused operations to Abu Dhabi.

ADIO is awarding highly competitive and comprehensive cash and non-cash incentive packages for innovative companies within the AgTech sector. Cash incentives include a rebate of up to 75% on all R&D activities.

In addition to R&D funding, ADIO plans to offer a host of other non-cash incentives.

ADIO is focusing on three sub-sectors within AgTech that fit with Abu Dhabi’s desert environment:

Algae-based biofuels: an alternative to traditional fossil fuels.

Indoor farming: technology for farming under controlled environment and limited space.

Precision agriculture and ag-robotics: technology to automate and improve farming management.

To learn more about AgTech, please click the FAQ link here.

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