Abu Dhabi is committed to provide world class health care facilities and services to its resid

ents and visitors. Abu Dhabi has entered into a number of prestigious partnerships to bring in advanced health-care technologies, best international practices and standards into the emirate. In 2015, Cleveland Clinic and Mubadala Healthcare opened a hospital in Abu Dhabi with a 360-bed capacity. Johns Hopkins University operates Al Tawam Hospital in Al Ain, which has 466 beds.

Healthcare services in Abu Dhabi have experienced remarkable expansion and transformation over past years. This is most evident in the significant rise in the number of hospitals and other health facilities. The number of hospitals grew to 51 in 2015, including new private hospitals opened in the region of Abu Dhabi. In general, the Emirate has also witnessed a remarkable increase in the number of health centres and clinics.

In 2015, there were 3 physicians per 1000 population, 7.8 nurses per 1000 population and 1.8 beds per 1000 population. A focus on increasing levels of health funding in the Emirate has resulted in proliferation of insurance companies and the health insurance products available Abu Dhabi

The Abu Dhabi medical tourism industry became a huge success, and the country went on to become a global hub and the favored destination of foreign patients seeking high-quality services. More opportunities will emerge as more investors are realizing the growth potential of the healthcare sector in Abu Dhabi

 Key Statistics of the Human health and social work Activity (2012-2015)

Number of Hospitals 2012 2013 2014 2015
Abu Dhabi Emirate 39 42 45 51
Government 12 12 12 12
Private 25 28 33 39
Military 2 2 - -

Sources: Statistics Center – Abu Dhabi, Health Authority - Abu Dhabi - * Military Hospitals are excluded from 2014

Human health and social work sector real GDP (2010-2017* - AED billion)

GDP at constant price - AED billion 2010 2015 2017* % CAGR - 2010-2-17
Total  587.1  770.0  785.6  100% 4.25%
Human Health and Social work  2.4 7.3 7.6  0.96%  17.82%

Source: Statistics Centre - Abu Dhabi - * Preliminary estimates

Key Players

Areas of opportunities

A growing population and industry expansion ensure that Abu Dhabi's health needs will necessitate the training of large number of new doctors and nurses in the coming years. According to projections from the Health Authority of Abu Dhabi (HAAD), Abu Dhabi will need 4,800 new doctors and 13,000 new nurses by the end of 2022. This shortage is expected to provide serious opportunities for both new generations of Emiratis interested in healthcare as well as educational institutions focused on vocational training in the medical field. Shortages have also been identified in psychiatry, intensive and critical care medicine, emergency care, neonatology, pediatrics, oncology, and orthopedics

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