Digital content is already widely consumed in the form of news media, streaming services, e-books and web radio. With a global reputation as one of the most digital-media friendly cities in the world, Abu Dhabi has spent much of the preceding decades implementing high-quality infrastructure and strong partnerships with international media entities through two essential bodies with the full backing of the emirate.

Events such as the Abu Dhabi Media Summit and Abu Dhabi Film Festival have been at the forefront of the government’s efforts to promote the Emirate as a regional media hub, bringing  together leading players each year from the mobile, broadband, traditional television, print, entertainment, news, music, advertising & marketing, venture capital & equity finance sectors and region’s emerging film-making.

The Media Zone Authority and its commercial arm, twofour54, regulates the sector and works to enhance the Emirate’s competitive position in the region by providing state of the art facilities, a more competitive work environment, and innovative options such as twofour54’s groundbreaking media free zone.

The Abu Dhabi Media Company, the official communication channel of the Emirate and largest buyer of media content is already one of the fastest-growing, multi-platform media and entertainment organizations in the Middle East. The company was established in 2007 and operates and manages 24 market-leading brands across multiple platforms, including broadcast, publishing, and digital. It is particularly popular not only among locals in Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates, but also throughout the wider Gulf and Arab world.

Abu Dhabi offers an attractive environment with a media and content free zone, high quality assets and services to support media private businesses

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