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The Government of Abu Dhabi has made several important commitments to the knowledge economy. High growth firms are responsible for most of job creation within the private sector, and small enterprises appear to be critical to the performance of our knowledge economy.

The development of knowledge-based economies is both an imperative and an opportunity. It is an imperative to sustain high rates of growth in the future and an opportunity to move faster to advance in global value chains and in position in world markets

The workplace in Abu Dhabi is increasingly digital and there is an important need to develop the human resource capacity needed for a digital economy. Government of Abu Dhabi is nurturing a digital economy by investing in e-governance and smart cities which use ICTs to improve public services such as transportation, health care, electricity and water provision and conservation.

Support to technological and non-technological innovation in creative industries and in SMEs is progressing. The development of the ecosystem for innovation will help the move toward greater participation in global value chains.

There is an important need to increase both public and private R&D. There is great scope for regional and local innovation systems that draw on the strengths of regional endowments and both local and foreign talents.

In a period of rapid disruption, where customers are increasingly demanding new, bespoke products and services delivered nearly instantly, companies must adjust course and scale operations quickly. With the growth of online platforms, virtual networks, and communities of interest, it is also increasingly easy to work collaboratively with others.

New flexible workspaces are becoming popular in Abu Dhabi where start-ups and SMEs can work in close proximity.

The Government of Abu Dhabi has made several important commitments to develop the knowledge economy and attract new innovative industries and SMEs

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