We are the Abu Dhabi Investment Office – ADIO.

Our team helps investors and companies of all sizes establish their business, grow and develop in Abu Dhabi.

As the central government hub supporting investment in Abu Dhabi, we are committed to growing the emirate’s private sector and diversifying its economy.

In fostering Abu Dhabi’s innovation ecosystem, we enable opportunities that support long-term, sustainable success for investors and businesspeople based in the emirate and across the region.

About Abu Dhabi Investment Office
About the Abu Dhabi Investment Office

Our purpose, vision & values
Our purpose
Our purpose

We are a catalyst for leading businesses to thrive with Abu Dhabi.

Our vision
Our vision

To create the world’s most sustainable destination for people and businesses.

Our values
Our values

We Are Empowering
We develop platforms for creativity, innovation and ambition with our investors and partners. We provide the tools, data, facilities and ecosystem access that enables innovators to achieve their ambitions.

We Are Partners
We work together, hand-in-hand with the whole Abu Dhabi ecosystem, towards common goals for investors and the people behind them. We uncover efficiencies through communication and collectively remove barriers to enable growth.

We Are Innovative
We are bold and brave, willing to try new things and explore new opportunities. Much like our investors, we dare to be different and challenge the impossible.

We Are Committed
We have unrelenting commitment for each other, our partners and investors. We work hard to positively impact businesses and the people behind them to propel Abu Dhabi.

Latest news

New virtual licence

Abu Dhabi’s Virtual Licence enables non-resident foreign investors to easily obtain an economic licence to do business in Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi Digital Tool
Investor journey portal

Investors seeking new investment opportunities in Abu Dhabi can access the Investor Journey portal, an all-in-one business creation platform that facilitates new business ideation, execution and support.

Musataha land

Government land in Abu Dhabi is available to private investors via Musataha partnerships, which grant investors Musataha rights to develop a particular plot of land for a defined time period.

Our Role
Abu Dhabi pre-qualifies nine companies for Phase 2 of Road Lighting LED PPP project tender

In collaboration with Department of Municipal and Transport, ADIO has pre-qualified nine companies for Phase 2 of Road Lighting LED PPP project tender.

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