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Our role

ADIO’s Infrastructure Partnerships team works with a variety of government entities and the private sector to:


Develop supportive and transparent policies

  • Provide advice on and developing policies, procedures, regulations and programmes related to infrastructure development
  • Ensure uniformity and consistency of standards and quality

Facilitate project execution

  • Assist with the identification and screening of infrastructure projects
  • Work with government procuring entities in the development, procurement, evaluation and approval of infrastructure projects
  • Support the marketing and promotion of infrastructure projects
  • Provide a single point of contact for investors
  • Support the implementation and monitoring of infrastructure projects
  • Promote the use of best practices

Share knowledge

  • Facilitate knowledge transfer and training
  • Develop resources and educational material
  • Provide technical assistance to government procuring entities


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Our objectives

ADIO’s Infrastructure Partnerships team aims to help in delivering significant infrastructure projects and public services in Abu Dhabi.


Our objectives include:


  • Increasing private sector investment by promoting consistency and certainty during procurement
  • Enhancing accountability of government spending by setting and maintaining transparent processes
  • Encouraging innovation and efficiency, leveraging global best practice
  • Improving the way infrastructure and major projects are delivered through learning and knowledge-sharing

Musataha projects

A Musataha Agreement creates a real property right, entitling the holder to construct a building or to invest in, mortgage, lease, sell or purchase a plot of land belonging to a third party for a period of up to 50 years.

The latest additions to the Musataha agreement give private sector investors opportunities to deliver long-term projects in Abu Dhabi, including the development of land owned by the government.

The revised agreement maximises benefits for both the private and public sectors, including the implementation of a highly competitive pricing model with flexible and attractive terms for companies looking to grow in the emirate.

Partner with Abu Dhabi. Let’s build the future together.



The private sector plays a vital role in growing the economy in Abu Dhabi and the UAE.

The Musataha concept was introduced to better support investors in delivering extraordinary projects and allow them to take control over their development with clear rights and responsibilities.

The Government has identified Partnership Projects as a method of accelerating infrastructure investment, accessing private finance and improving the delivery and quality of public assets and services.

Well-structured Partnership Projects have benefitted economies around the globe by creating jobs, fostering sustainable economic growth and stimulating private sector investment.

Investors can apply for land within a comprehensive land bank managed by ADIO here.


Why Musataha Partnership Projects?

A Musataha is a specific type of Investment Partnership between the public and the private sectors, granting an investor Musataha rights to develop a particular plot of land for a defined time period (usually long term and up to 50 years) in which the design, build, finance, operations and market risks are transferred to the private sector.

A Musataha right is a real property right, which allows its holder to develop upon and make use of land belonging to the other party.

A Musataha Partnership Contract is similar to a Build, Own, Operate, Transfer (BOOT) delivery model, between an investor and a government entity.

A Musataha right permits the holder of the property right – the Musateh – to own the assets, operate a project and maintain it for a definite period. As part of the project, the Musateh may also construct facilities, lease them, and mortgage the property.

After the agreed period, the ownership of the project assets and land is transferred back to the Government.

Outside of the emirate’s investment zones, a Musataha right can only be held by UAE nationals and companies wholly owned by UAE nationals.

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