The Abu Dhabi Investment Office (ADIO) has partnered with renowned actor and humanitarian Idris Elba to leverage the Emirate's vision for a secure and sustainable food and water future. This partnership will capitalise on the Emirate’s emergence as a global pioneer in food production and water treatment, powered by sustainable technology solutions. The agreement comes after the launch of Mohamed bin Zayed Water Initiative to confront the urgent challenge of water scarcity around the world.

With the aim of accelerating their development and implementation, the newly announced alliance with Elba, through his impact investment company The Akuna Group (TAG), will showcase Abu Dhabi’s leading initiatives in the fields of novel food development, agricultural transformation, and water treatment and technology. Abu Dhabi is aiming to pioneer cultivation of onshore high value add microalgae, offshore farming of key fish stocks, and innovate reverse osmosis water treatment.

TAG is dedicated to nurturing the growth of African industries and entrepreneurship, through strategic multi-sectoral partnerships, impact investments, innovative technologies, and high-level advisory services across and beyond the continent.

As an initial undertaking, Mr. Elba will engage in global conversations and awareness initiatives to inspire and accelerate the transformation of food and water systems, using Abu Dhabi as a model to drive positive economic and social impact for future generations. These efforts will also include collaborations with global institutions to highlight the worldwide impact of Abu Dhabi’s forward-thinking initiatives.

Badr Al-Olama, Director General of ADIO, said: “Transforming constraints into opportunities, Abu Dhabi strives to be at the forefront of innovation in food and water production, sustainability and growth. Together with our partners, we are continuing to pioneer and implement cutting-edge solutions that address global nutritional and environmental challenges. We are excited to align with fellow visionaries, and our collaboration with Mr. Elba will be instrumental in reimagining the future of food and water for the region and beyond.”

Mr. Elba, President and Founder of The Akuna Group, said: “Drawing inspiration from the pioneering blueprints that have shaped the United Arab Emirates, we are set to journey globally in our mission to provide a better future for all. By engaging with innovators, engineers, and tech entrepreneurs dedicated to addressing the world's most critical challenges, we are set to build on the ambition of dreamers in the UAE and discover new solutions that foster positive economic and social change."

ADIO is committed to facilitating the growth of Abu Dhabi’s economy, propelling a future where progress and purpose converge to address the world’s most pressing challenges and drive universal well-being. Providing attractive investment and growth opportunities for local, regional and international players, ADIO prioritises the development and enhancement of advanced value-add technologies and approaches, including in the realm of food and water sustainability, access and supply.

ADIO’s initiatives directly support the nation’s strategies to ensure national wellbeing, including the National Food Security Strategy 2051 - which aims to make the UAE the world’s top nation on the Global Food Security Index - and the UAE Water Security Strategy 2036 that seeks to ensure sustainable access to water under all conditions. The recently launched Mohamed bin Zayed Water Initiative further seeks to enhance awareness of the severity of the water scarcity crisis, and accelerate the pace of technological innovation and international investment to deal with the challenges it poses.

Elba earlier shared his insights at the inaugural Impact Summit organised by ADIO and Abu Dhabi’s global tech ecosystem Hub71, discussing the Sherbro Island City Project that he co-founded to set a bold example for private sector-led development and community empowerment in emerging economies.

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